en Flight safety report. Accident, serious incident and occurrence report form
A voluntary report can be submitted for other occurrences than those specified in Regulation 376/2014

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Please give the time and the date of occurrence in UTC. UTC time in Finland is normally local time - 2 hours, during summer time (daylight saving time) local time - 3 hours.

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You cannot save a completed report on your computer, but it can be sent to you by e-mail if you wish. Please remember that e-mail is an unprotected communication channel as regards information security. Note: the report is sent from e-mail address no-reply@opuscapita.com.

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Choose event to level 4 if possible then transfer it to the box below by using "Add the row" button
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Select the highest level of injury sustained any person in the occurrence Select the highest level of damage sustained by any aircraft involved in the occurrence

Thank you for your occurrence report. The information provided in the report (excluding personal information) will be stored in the European Commission's ECCAIRS data system. The system is used for evaluating the state of flight safety. The report will also be delivered to the Safety Investigation Authority of Finland for informative purposes.

Any attachments to the report can be sent to the address lentoturvallisuus(at)trafi.fi. Please give at least the occurrence date, aircraft identification and/or place of occurrence as reference information.